Mundane magic: boring? I think not


Mundane magic. The everyday smoothing of energies.

The heroine in my novel, A Bagful of Dragon, more or less admits she 'used to' dabble in magic, but on several occasions, she defends this, stating that she hasn't done anything 'proper' for months ... years even. She then mentions that all she ever does is 'mundane magic', a few requests to her angels and guides, no more.

So what's she talking about, and why is it so mundane?

What mundane magic isn't

Let's get this straight: mundane magic isn't rituals, candles, circles and rhymes. It isn't long and involved set-ups, petitions to gods and goddesses, or the calling up of long-forgotten demons and creatures of the night.


There's no selling your soul for a bag of magic beans or offering your first-born on a plate for an all-powerful overlord either. Thank goodness.

You don't even have to check the phase of the moon, although strictly speaking all magic works better if you use it in accordance with a rudimentary knowledge of moon and planetary movements. In fact, if you apply any sensible knowledge and understanding you have of magical workings, you'll find it does work more reliably.

However, one thing to remember: it's magic, not miracles. If something isn't remotely possible; if there is literally zero probability of an event occurring, it doesn't matter how much effort you put into the magic, mundane or fancy and involved, it simply won't happen.

So what is mundane magic exactly?

What mundane magic is

Okay, so 'exactly' isn't a word we like when it comes to magic. An exact science it is, for sure, in many respects, but everyone has their ways of producing results and prescriptive definitions are not our friends. The power of the mind on a quantum level can be demonstrated in a mundane way in many different formats, whether you're a Christian child of 12 begging God to help you find your little brother who has run away, or an everyday kitchen witch trying to placate the bullies in the office by use of an invisibility cloak (more on those later in the blog series).

Mundane magic is magic of the everyday. Everyday magic, if you will. And you do will. The more you will it, the better results you will get.

Mundane magic is small magic. It's find-a-car-parking-space magic. It's bring-my-lover-home-safely magic. It's help-me-communicate-positively-with-my-family magic. It's even send-me-a-genuine-new-friend-today magic or send-me-a-really-happy-exciting-day-today magic.

Get the gist?

Mundane magic is quick, easy to produce, and the best thing about it is that it helps you run your day more smoothly.

Is mundane magic safe?

'Safe' is one of those words. Safety is relative; it depends what your current magical and spiritual practice is, your levels of protection in general, and how much you can handle on an energetic level.

It's safe in that you don't bargain with another being and you're not calling up scaries to make the big stuff happen.

But no magic is safe all by itself. If you shine a light in a dark place, you will attract 'things' like moths to the flame. Those things are energies, often bits of esoteric slime that may stick to you, give you bad days, crappy mental health, difficult relationships, that kind of thing.

The working of mundane magic has to therefore come with a caveat: good magical practice needs good magical protection practice. Grounding, regular (dare I say daily) meditation and energetic shields are a good idea. More than a good idea. Stay tuned to this blog series for more on spiritual protection, but in the meantime, if you've never heard of those things you can research them easily in books and on the web.

Protection doesn't have to be a drag, and it doesn't disconnect you from the universe so it won't make you less receptive. But it is important if you use magic of any kind, no matter how 'mundane' your request. As my heroine discovers.

How to work mundane magic for yourself: the basics

Be present.

This blog series will discuss 'being present' in later posts, but for now know that the more 'in the now' you are, the more cleanly your willpower will cut through the ether and make your presence felt. Being present means being focused only on the thing you are requesting, directly on the request itself. In practice, if you are right here in the now, there is no past or future; there is only now. You feel your feet on the ground and your body in the space you are in.


At the very base of mundane magic is the request you make to the universe. It's essential to know what you want and it's a good idea (bearing in mind your safety) to know the safest wordings to request something. Both these parts mean being precise, not vague. For example, if you want your pet to recover from their illness, ask for them to recover fully from their illness; do not ask for them to be 'helped'.

Send gratitude.

When you ask, be sure to communicate to the universe how grateful you are that you will obtain the help. The best way to do this seems to be to feel the gratitude. Feel grateful that you know you will get the help and assistance you're asking for. Saying 'thank you' without feeling it is a common behaviour in today's world of social nuance, but nowhere does your genuine gratitude matter more than when communicating with the universe.

Working mundane magic: a possible format

Who you ask, or how you ask depends on your mode of spiritual belief and practice. Whether it's the universe, your guides, your angels, the Goddess, a specific goddess, or God, what matters is your connection to that Source. Your connection is limited by your belief, so the more you believe in it, the better your results will be.

A standard format of asking might be:

"Please [Source being, universe, Goddesss, whatever] send me a wonderful happy day today. I thank you in advance for your help."

Where emphasis is added here, feel the associated emotion to make your intent more effective. It's always nice to thank the universe afterwards too. Once more, with feeling.

So there you go. A way to make life a little more fun, run more smoothly and generally drag you out of the darkest days with an optimistic slant. With caveats. Never forget the caveats. Mundane magic is a bright new way for those reaching out to the ether for a greater understanding of the different layers of energetic existence and it's available to all.

But be as safe as you can be. As Inayat finds in A Bagful of Dragon, magic can be very real, so protection is needed. You wouldn't use a chemical hair dye without plastic gloves, so why use energies without the personal protection?

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