Demons, dragons and terror! Dabbling in magic is fraught with danger. Catch the attention of the wrong magician and a universe of pain could be waiting.

Magic is real...protect yourself.

A Bagful of Dragon: a new paranormal urban fantasy from Sakina Murdock.

A Bagful of Dragon

by Sakina Murdock

Inayat isn't a witch. She's a not-quite-ordinary twenty-something, screwing up her life one failed date at a time. But when she dumps the wrong magician, Inayat finds herself in a bubbling cauldron of paranoid fear.

The arrival of an unusual bag of jewellery heralds an alarming increase in frightening events, dragging Inayat and her friends into the magical web spun by her adversary. He wants something Inayat has and he's prepared to take her spirit if she resists.

Inayat has only dabbled in magic before, but now she must learn fast or lose for all eternity. She's got plenty of fight in her, but is it enough, or will she succumb to the hatred of a man who just can't lose?

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1. Visitation

Pressure. Weight. Crushing me into the mattress. A dark, airless burden across my body, heavy like a man lying on top of me. I open my mouth, to breathe, to scream. No oxygen, no air at all…

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About Sakina Murdock

Sakina Murdock lives with her dog, her partner and his two cats in bonny rural Cumbria and tries to stay out of trouble.

She chats with blackbirds, rescues toads from traffic, protects deer from hunters and writes exciting, magical fiction.

Look out for more of her paranormal fantasy books coming soon.

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